The 7 Year Tribulation Period

Seven Year Peace Treaty, Temple Rebuilt, Abomination of Desolation, Great Tribulation – The Antichrist will preside over a seven year peace treaty between Israel and the Muslim world. He will make it possible to rebuild the Jewish temple of God. The Antichrist will receive a mortal wound in the right eye and right arm and seem to be miraculously healed. The world will be in awe and worship him. In the middle of the seven year period ( 3 1/2 years in) He will place his image in the new Jewish temple in the Holy of Holies which the bible calls the “abomination of desolation” This will immediately trigger what the bible calls the “Great Tribulation” (second 3 1/2 years). The wrath of God will fall upon the earth and all who dwell in it. It will be a time of trouble the world has never seen and never will again. 


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